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Switchgear Unlimited is excited about the future! In conjunction with our marketing activities, we will begin offering educational, instructional and industry information on this website in the near future.

This will come in various forms ranging from on-line instruction and educational pieces to relevant articles and information about Switchgear Unlimited, the electric power distribution industry along with other pertinent topics. We are also taking a look at alternate avenues of communication and information sharing of interest to our industry.

At Switchgear, we would also appreciate your input regarding subject matter. What would you like to see? Articles of interest, additional information… What you would like to share with others in our industry?

We look forward to your participation.

Visit Linked in today and join Switchgear Unlimited Information Sharing. This is a new, and growing group of industry professionals.

Switchgear Unlimited Information Sharing exist for the sharing of information, ideas and education within the Electrical Power Distribution Industry and related areas of interest.

We invite corporate executives, engineers, sales professionals, technicians and all people and parties with an interest to join this group.

Information sharing within the Electrical Power Distribution Community may well lead to answers that will dramatically affect the future of this industry. We as a group may also provide a vital resource of information for each other as we do our daily task.

Information sharing is vital to a vibrant economy and industry, and we hope that each of us may contribute in a meaningful way.

Switchgear Unlimited is the premium supplier of electrical power distribution equipment. Used, surplus, obsolete circuit breakers, switchgear and parts 600V-15KV Class. Asset recovery recondition, reconfigure, repair services, 24/7 emergency blow-up and burn-down support.

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